TikTok Farmer Uses Social Media to Explain the Highs and Lows of Agriculture.

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They say misery loves company. For Danny Smithson, a family farmer in #AgriReady Macon County, it’s a social media following as well. 

Smithson’s operation is based in La Plata, Missouri and consists of row crops and a few hundred head of cattle. 

He began farming after he graduated high school in 1993. He is assisted by his wife, Erin, their three kids, a couple of their nephews, and a few hired hands. His dad, Sheryl, is a next door neighbor, too. 

“Howdy ho TikTok,” is how Smithson greets viewers on the social media platform, featuring short videos often accompanied by music. 

Danny started posting on his TikTok account in 2022 and quickly gained a following. His profile, @missouri_misery_farmer, shows a different side of agricultural life. “It’s not always a bed of roses out here,” said Smithson. “I like highlighting the good and bad of farming as well as our rural way of life.” 

His videos consist of life during harvest, information about yields in Northeast Missouri and funny mishaps on the farm. 

Smithson has faced more than his fair share of adversity on the farm. On a foggy day in 2020, Danny got out of his semi while another drove alongside, pinning him between the two 18-wheelers and crushing his pelvis. “I thought I was a goner,” said Smithson. 

Fortunately – neighbors, family and friends rallied around the Smithson family. Helping by finishing harvest and completing cattle chores allowed the Smithson family to help Danny with his recovery.

Smithson says, “the lows make the highs more enjoyable.”

As a row crop farmer, Smithson wants his operation to be passed down for generations. “I want my kids to have an easier start than me,” said Danny. “I want to pass on the same values of hard work to the next generation that my parents instilled in me. 

“Farming isn’t always easy, but sometimes in the middle of misery we are reminded of how blessed we truly are,” said Smithson. 

Special feature courtesy of Bella Baker, Atlanta FFA and Home Pioneer 4-H Club member.