Stand For Ag | Season 1 Episode 5: Meet a Pig Farmer Building a Brighter Tomorrow

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, processing plants cut back, operating below capacity. This caused a backlog of hogs in the supply chain, driving market prices down and increasing the cost at the grocery store. Amid this crisis, this week’s guest on Stand for Ag has worked to continue producing quality protein and build his farm to pass to the next generation. Scott Phillips is building a brighter tomorrow.

Phillips, a second-generation pig farmer from Drexel, Missouri, has been raising pigs for his entire life. A member of the National Pork Board and a representative on the United States Meat Export Federation, Phillips brings his extensive knowledge regarding pork production to our conversation. Join us as we talk shifting trends, markets and the challenges producers face on this week’s episode of Stand for Ag.

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