Stand For Ag | Season 1 Episode 2: Meet a farm wife making a difference!

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We’ve all been there- wanting to start sharing our story but having absolutely no clue where to begin. This week, we’ll meet Kylie Epperson of Epperson Family Farms! Kylie, also known as The Grateful Farm Wife, is a proud 20-something Northeast Missouri farmer, raising row crops, pigs and kids with her 4th generation farmer husband, Jordan. Coming from the education field, her role on the farm stretches from raising kids, to parts runner, to office bookkeeper, to financial manager and more. Kylie is the co-host of the Midwest Farm Wives Podcast. Falling victim to unfortunate farming situations, Kylie found her voice in agriculture and has been sharing her farm story both on social media and in-person on a regular basis.

Be sure to join us as Kylie shares her story of how she got started sharing her passion and how she’s developed a following of 10,000 people! She shares tips and tricks that can help you share your story as well. Kylie talks about content creation, how frequently to post, and much more! We’re so thankful Kylie was able to join our conversation!

Check out Kylie’s podcast, Midwest Farm Wives, her Instagram or her Facebook and follow along as she shares her story!

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