2022 Stand For Ag | Season 4: Fueling Locally: Missouri-Made Ethanol

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Did you know that Missouri produces enough ethanol to provide over 10% of our state's fuel consumption? The high-octane, clean burning, locally produced fuel powers Missourians up and down the road every day. POET Bioprocessing produces 80 million gallons of bioethanol annually. In this episode, hear more on how the Laddonia facility helps enhance local economic quality.

POET Bioprocessing, located near Laddonia, Missouri, began operations in September 2006. The facility was formed by two local farmer co-ops East Central Ag Products (ECAP) and North East Missouri Grain in partnership with POET.  POET Bioprocessing - Laddonia is proud to enhance the local economy with improved corn prices, value-added markets for farmers, good-paying jobs, and increased local tax revenue. Learn more about POET Bioprocessing – Laddonia at https://poet.com/laddonia

See the process of producing ethanol from corn during this virtual visit to the POET Bioprocessing - Laddonia ethanol plant.