Scott Steele: #POWERING Local Protein

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Scott Steele at Steele's Custom Meats in Jefferson City, Missouri

Scott Steele’s experiences in the meat industry have been an adventure that began in Central Florida and have taken him across the Midwest before settling in #Agri-Ready Designated Cole County. Scott is #POWERINGLocalProtein for his quickly growing customer base at Steele’s Fine Custom Meats in Jefferson City.

local meat at Steele's Fine Custom Meats in Jefferson City, Missouri
A beautiful, fully stocked meat counter at Steele’s Fine Custom Meats in Jefferson City, MO

A New Local Business with Great History

Steele’s Fine Custom Meats recently opened in Jefferson City and owner Scott Steele is excited to be a part of the #Agri-Ready Cole County community. Scott grew up in central Florida. With parents who worked in the processing industry, Scott spent a lot of time around the people and spaces of the facility where his parents worked. He thought those years convinced him that he didn’t want anything to do with the industry. Scott enjoyed agriculture, so after high school he attended Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College in southern Georgia intending to become a vet. Scott laughed as he reminisced that it didn’t take him long to realize that biology and math coursework were barriers for his vet school aspirations. Finding himself in a financial pinch one semester, he applied for a job at a local butcher shop where the business was second nature to him. He enjoyed the work so much he realized that owning his own local butcher business was, in fact, his career goal.

“Life has a funny way of showing you who you are. When you know something so well, you eventually find your passion for it,” Scott said.

In his collegiate years that followed, Scott learned from internships at JBS Foods in Texas and National Beef Packing Company in Kansas City. His internship led to him being hired directly out of college as a cattle scheduler for National Beef. These experiences gave him an exceptional view to learn about the complex food system that brings meat to consumers every day. As Scott worked and learned, he continued to refine the vision he had in his mind for owning his own local butcher business. Then he met Carol, now his fiancée, who drew him to the capital city.

Emphasizing Local

An expansive variety of fresh, primal meat cuts are available in the sales counter at Steele’s Fine Custom Meats daily as well as a full-service deli counter. Scott makes it possible for his customers to “Eat MO Meat” because he has made connections ensuring that the beef, pork, chicken, and lamb offered for sale in his butcher shop are grown in Missouri.

“It’s local and it’s the best,” Scott said describing the meat he offers for sale at Steele’s Fine Custom Meats. “I want to support and work with family farms like ours,” Scott said, referring to the family beef operation where Carol grew up.

Scott reflected positively on his time spent working in corporate operations and the necessity of the role they have in agribusiness. He believes that large, small, and local agriculture are all important.

“Small businesses like mine are important because we are here for the customer’s convenience. Customers can count on us to have what they need,” Scott said. “I enjoy what I do. I don’t feel like I work anymore. As an agriculturist, I am helping to feed the world.”

Missouri steaks displayed at Steele's Fine Custom Meats in Jefferson City, Missouri
Local steaks displayed at Steele’s Fine Custom Meats in Jefferson City, Missouri

Local Protein and More

Steele’s Fine Custom Meats offers frozen meats and an array of locally made goods including honey and seasoning mixes. Scott enjoys meeting customer demand for variety by exercising his creativity to offer value-added products such as stuffed jalapeno poppers, flavored butters and deviled eggs. He tries a new value-added product each week. To display an extra measure of Missouri pride earlier this year, Scott made arrowhead shaped burger patties to celebrate the Kansas City Chiefs.

Scott and Carol look forward to their wedding in October 2023.

Scott and Carol are looking forward to their wedding this October and plan to stay in #Agri-Ready Designated Cole County. Scott is a member of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and Missouri Farm Bureau, partners of Missouri Farmers Care.