Malerie Schutt: #POWERING Gardens

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The generational roots of the Schutt family farm in #Agri-Ready Designated Montgomery County holds a special place in Malerie Schutt’s heart. For over a century, the  family farm has guided four generations to impact growth in the community of Hermann and beyond.  

Malerie Schutt embraced the farming way of life on the Schutt Family Farm at a young age. Since she was ten years old, Malerie has played an active role in her family’s cattle operation where they raise Hereford-Angus cross cattle. Growing up, she showed market steers at her local county fair and sold the beef to people in her community. In addition to cattle, Malerie also has a small flock of laying hens. She sells the eggs at local farmers markets within her community. “As a little girl, my dad always encouraged me to get involved in activities as a 4-H member and,  as I grew older, an FFA member,” Malerie said.

Malerie knew there was more she could do to add even more success to her family’s farm. As a sophomore FFA member, she decided to expand her Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) project. FFA SAE projects are practical agricultural experiential and work-based learning opportunities outside of scheduled classroom time. SAE projects create an opportunity in agricultural education for students to receive real-world career experiences in an area of agriculture that they are most interested in. In the midst of the shut-down order during the COVID-19 pandemic, Malerie started a little garden on the farm. By July of 2020, she began to harvest her first batch of fresh produce. 

What started out as a couple zucchini, cucumber, and tomato plants has evolved into a business called Schutt Garden Goods. Malerie has expanded to a 2000 square foot garden that produces a wide variety of fresh produce. She used to deliver her produce, but is now able to sell it at a store-front in Hermann and other locations within the community. “My little business has taken off in ways I never would have imagined.” Malerie reflects. “With the help of some family recipes and a lot of research and advice from veteran gardeners, I was able to expand my menu to a variety of pickles, salsas, jams, breads, muffins, and more.” 

As a growing business, Schutt Garden Goods is part of a thriving agricultural economy in Agri-Ready Designated Montgomery County. In 2021 alone, agriculture, food, forestry and related industries supported over 1,800 jobs and generated over $197 million in economic output.  

Malerie is a sophomore at Northwest Missouri State University where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science as well as a minor in Agriculture Business. She owns and operates Schutt Garden Goods on her own, no matter the distance between her and home. ”Our family’s fourth generation includes my brother, cousins, and myself. We plan to keep the family name on this land, so we are willing to continue the endless work to help our farm and family prosper,” Malerie states. The legacy of the Schutt family continues to blaze a trail for younger generations of agriculturalists to get involved and make a difference in their communities. 

Malerie is a member of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and is an active member within her county. Missouri Cattlemen’s Association is a partner of Missouri Farmers Care.