Missouri Farmers Care is once again teaming up with the St. Louis Cardinals to bring the Farm Team back to Busch Stadium for a second season. Comprised of MFC mascots Sweet Bessie, Captain Cornelius, Simon the Soybean, and the newest member, The Baconeer,  the Farm Team is part of the “Race to the Plate” educational campaign to increase awareness and understanding of today’s food production

Captain Cornelius

Not to be corn-fused with sweet corn (only 1% of the corn grown in the U.S.), the Captain is field corn.  Like 90% of his corn-terparts, the Captain is genetically engineered to fight against voracious pests.  He’s outstanding in the fields of feeding livestock, fueling ethanol production and traveling around the globe.

Simon the Soybean 

Simon’s proud to be hand-selected to stand up to tough weather conditions like hot sun, wind and even flooding, and can’t turn down a good float trip (by barge). He loves technology and checking out new uses for soybeans – from environmentally friendly foam, paint and other building materials to locally made biodiesel and the latest protein supplements.

Sweet Bessie

Bessie and her bovine friends love to produce the powerful nutrient package called MILK!

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The Baconeer

U.S. pig farmers have become more efficient over the last 50 years, now using 78% less land and 41% less water to raise pigs. And, they have reduced their carbon footprint by 35%.  Continuous improvement means growing more with less.

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Fredbird loves spending time on the farm to lean more about agriculture and meet the family farmers working behind the plate to produce the food we all enjoy.