Fueling Transitions — KayLynn Lysinger

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KayLynn Lysinger and her family.

Old Roots and New Growth in St. Clair County

Near Lowry City in #AgriReady St. Clair County, KayLynn Lysinger is living her farm story with her husband, Geoff. Her story isn’t anything like she thought it would be and has had some twists. KayLynn was adopted when she was 16 years old and moved to yet another of several school districts she attended growing up. She was encouraged to get involved in an organization to make the most of her high school experience. As KayLynn remembers it, for “whatever reason” she chose FFA, and that’s where her love and passion for agriculture began. After a tumultuous childhood, deep community involvement through FFA, gave KayLynn family, friends and a love of agriculture.

After high school, KayLynn went on an afternoon parts run with FFA friends from a farm, where she met Geoff Lysinger working at the parts counter. One Facebook friend request and several months later, KayLynn and Geoff married in 2015. As a young couple, Geoff and KayLynn started out married life in the rural suburbs.

When their first child was born, KayLynn realized that long weekends spent on Geoff’s family farm reflected the life she wanted her kids to be able to live every day. That life wouldn’t be financially feasible for the couple in KayLynn’s home area. On her wedding day in St. Clair County, KayLynn had promised Geoff she would never live there; nevertheless, in 2016 she began packing their bags and #FuelingTransitions.


Today, Geoff and KayLynn are helping on the Lysinger Family beef operation and raising their three young children while instilling in them the values of agriculture. The Lysinger Family has farmed near Lowry City for generations, their deep roots make agricultural connections easy for the family. Geoff manages the Farmer’s Exchange in Lowry City. KayLynn is an administrative assistant and leads a local 4-H club. They plan to grow their own farming operation over time.

KayLynn has experienced new personal growth after local farming mentors encouraged her to get involved in Missouri Farm Bureau. KayLynn is the only lady currently serving on the St. Clair County board.

“KayLynn is a welcome addition to the county board. Her enthusiasm is contagious and addictive to the other board members,” said Gary Noakes, president of the St. Clair County Farm Bureau. “Geoff and KayLynn are a wonderful young couple raising their kids with good family values, and we are happy to have them in St. Clair County.”

KayLynn and Geoff enjoy participating in the Young Farmers & Ranchers program where they have met many agriculture friends. In February 2022, KayLynn participated in Farm Bureau’s Discussion Meet contest. Although she did not win, the agricultural conversations provided lessons which helped her become an effective board member. She looks forward to participating again.

Geoff and KayLynn are positive proof that young farmers are #FuelingTransitions and living new agriculture stories in #AgriReady St. Clair County.