Fueling Diversification — Beeman Farms

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Andrew and Brittany Beeman with their two sons.

Fueling Diversification on Beeman Farms

Andrew Beeman’s grandfather came to Benton County in the 1950s and fell in love with the flat land and a sweet lady working at the local farm parts dealership. Together they bought their first 160-acre farm. Today, Andrew Beeman is a third-generation Benton County farmer working in partnership with his dad. Together, the Beemans own and rent 4,000 acres which equally support their cattle and row crop operations. They are #FuelingDiversification with their willingness to try new crops and strategies on the farm.

Beeman Farms.
Beeman Farms.

Andrew’s heart was not always set on farming, though. As a kid, Andrew had his sights set on a music career. With age came a new perspective, and he realized providing nourishing foods to others was the most important thing he could do.

“I reflected on what I could do that would be more important than raising food for people and providing the farming lifestyle for my future family. I felt compelled to farm,” Andrew explained.

Andrew’s dad manages their row crop enterprise. They grow corn and soybeans in a regular rotation but are trying out wheat and milo. They have found a niche market selling milo, an exclusively non-GMO energy crop, to be made into chicken scratch. They are using cover crop strategies for conservation and to utilize their crop ground to support their cattle operation. With agreeable weather in spring 2022, their cattle will graze a fantastic rye crop before spring planting begins.

Andrew manages the livestock operation. The Beemans have 650 cows, and Andrew uses diverse management techniques to help his business be profitable. The farm retains ownership of their feeder calves while they are at the western feedlots, he sells bred females, and he is beginning to raise replacement bulls to derive added value from his cow herd. After years of market research, Andrew has diversified his livestock by adding goats to the farm.

Beeman cattle.
Beeman cattle.

“I’m willing to try new things and believe diversifying your farm is a worthy strategy,” Andrew continued, “though I advise everyone in ag to never bet the whole farm on a new idea.”

Andrew’s wife, Brittany, recently made career changes to come home and help on the farm. She enjoys several roles, including raising the fourth generation of Beeman farmers, Logan and Lance. The Beemans also have diversified hobbies. Andrew plays lead guitar for several local music groups including the band “Bluestem” which he started in high school. Together Andrew and Brittany love traveling and enjoy Missouri wineries.

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