Missouri Farming Rights Amendment

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Vote YES to support Missouri farm families, consumer choice, and ensure farmers following the law have the right to farm and ranch.

The Missouri Farming Rights Amendment will protect the hard working Missouri farm families who dedicate their lives to feeding our families; saving thousands of Missouri jobs and ensuring our families continue to have access to quality food at the grocery store.  This simple constitutional amendment is supported by farmer-led agriculture organizations and family farmers and will protect Missouri’s #1 industry and help protect Missouri from out-of-state special interests.

Why do we need a Farming Rights Amendment?

  • The Missouri Farming Rights Amendment WILL save Missouri jobs and defend the hardworking farm families that drive our state economy.
  • The Missouri Farming Rights Amendment WILL protect Missouri’s family farms from out-of-state animal-rights groups that have targeted Missouri agriculture in the past.
  • The Missouri Farming Rights Amendment WILL protect small and family farmers as they do not have the resources to mount legal challenges or relocate their farms like corporations can.

The Farming Rights Amendment does not:

  • The Missouri Farming Rights Amendment WILL NOT invalidate county ordinances because counties derive their authority from the state constitution and established state laws.
  • The Missouri Farming Rights Amendment WILL NOT give farmers a “blank check.” All rights are subject to reasonable regulation and that will still be the case under the Missouri Farming Rights Amendment.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment:

Section 35. That agriculture which provides food, energy, health benefits, and security is the foundation and stabilizing force of Missouri’s economy. To protect this vital sector of Missouri’s economy, the right of farmers and ranchers to engage in farming and ranching practices shall be forever guaranteed in this state, subject to duly authorized powers, if any, conferred by article VI of the Constitution of Missouri.

What you will see:

2014 Ballot Summary:

Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to ensure that the right of Missouri citizens to engage in agricultural production and ranching practices shall not be infringed?

The potential costs or savings to governmental entities are unknown, but likely limited unless the resolution leads to increased litigation costs and/or the loss of federal funding.

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