Videographers Needed: Highlighting Agri-Ready Designated Counties

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Missouri Farmers Care (MFC) is a joint effort by Missouri’s farming and agriculture community to stand together for the men and women who provide the food and jobs on which our communities depend.

A program of MFC, Agri-Ready County Designation promotes counties that support Missouri farmers, agricultural literacy and Missouri’s economic interests in agriculture. MFC Agri-Ready County Designation connects counties with MFC to encourage and protect agriculture and secure it as a thriving component in our state’s economic future. With Agri-Ready status, MFC members work with county leadership to promote agricultural economic development. More information can be found at:

Project request:

MFC is offering counties videos highlighting their unique strengths. MFC is inviting videographers to submit proposals for the creation of 2–3-minute videos highlighting Agri-Ready Designated Counties. The goal is to feature the counties economic strengths and assets in agriculture and as a great place to live, work and do business. These videos will equip

the designated county with a marketing tool set to showcase agricultural opportunities and will be showcased on social media, county websites and internal meetings.

Each 2-3 minute video will focus on a county and include:

  • Voiceover content creation and the capture of cinematic b-roll, each pertaining to the goals established within the pre-production phase
  • Creation of introduction and closing graphics
  • Voiceover talent

An example of this type of film can be viewed HERE. (

Once a contract has been finalized, the MFC staff will virtually convene local leaders and the videographer to have a conversation about the messages and features that are important to them to be included – the videos will be built around those key messages.


Proposals are due by March 3, 2022 and will be reviewed within two weeks of submission. After finalized, we will convene the local conversation within the following month. We will grant approval of the script and story board or shot list within two weeks of submission. We would like completed videos delivered within the second quarter of 2022.

Interested videographers can reach out to Ashley McCarty at with questions and submit a proposal at the same address – subject line Agri-Ready Video Proposal. Proposals should include:

  1. Specific counties in which the submitter is interested in working; the map of applicable counties can be found at
  2. Contract fee per video
  3. Terms of Service – (payment schedules, number of edits allowed)
  4. Links to relevant work examples or references

For more information about the Agri-Ready County Designation program, CLICK HERE.