Fueling Technology — Jeremie and Laura Nothdurft

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Fueling Technology with the Nothdurft Family

Near Gordonville in #AgriReady Cape Girardeau County, Jeremie and Laura Nothdurft are continuing traditions and starting new ones. Along with Jeremie’s father, the family farms nearly 1,300 acres of corn, soybeans and wheat on ground that was acquired by their ancestors in the 1800s.

The Nothdurft family highly values their role in caring for God’s creation, and this value has driven Jeremie and Laura to concentrate on leaving the soil better than they inherited it. With a number one goal of developing, retaining and sustaining healthy soils for future generations, Jeremie and Laura are open to trying new things.

“We are looking to be more diverse; as we’re learning to grow crops better, plant breeders are working to make varieties available that will be most successful on Missouri farms,” Laura said.

Jeremie sells seed for Agri-Gold, and his engagement in the seed business helps the Nothdurft family recognize and adopt new science and technologies sooner.

Laura mentions that they have invested in a technology-driven planter on their farm, the Center Fill Kinze Planter, that aids in figuring out the best seed for a specific area of the land.

“It can figure out which seed will do best in an area of the farm and switch back and forth between two seeds. We can plant seeds that will do the best with the least inputs,” Laura said.

The planter carries two varieties of the same seed and is connected to more than 30 data factors that direct the planter in deciding which seed it should plant. For instance, the planter decodes data about soil types (lowland wet versus average, for example), decides which seed is most likely to succeed in that location, and plants it in real time as the planter rolls across the field. It is also able to sense additional soil factors, which the Nothdurft’s said helps the them operate more sustainably.

“It can sense if the soil is compacted and will apply more downward force so that the seed isn’t planted too shallow,” Laura said. “This could make a difference in germination and reduces the need to replant. That saves seed, puts less pressure on the soil, saves fuel, and more.”

The Nothdurfts have been utilizing the technology of the Center Fill Planter for about five years on their farm and are excited about the impact of the technology. The efficiency allows them to reach some of their key goals.

“It’s all about trying to be more efficient and use our resources wisely, to not create waste, to use our soil the best we can,” Laura said.

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The Nothdurfts are community leaders off the farm as well. Laura works in the youth ministry of their church, and they have two young girls who are active with 4-H hog projects. Jeremie and Laura serve on the Cape Girardeau County Farm Bureau Board where Laura serves as president. Missouri Farm Bureau is a partner of the Missouri Farmers Care organization.